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Gain Total Transparency of Inventory, Margin, Sourcing, Dispatch, and Operational Incidents Across Your Network of Sites

  • Never run out of fuel by leveraging the powerful mass sourcing, best buy and dispatching tools.
  • Gain visibility and control over your fuel costs and ensure fuel supply continuity.
  • Evaluate, prioritize, and send instant delivery requests based on optimal real-time inventory, price and dispatch options.
  • Realize a Real Time Centralized View Across Your Network Granting Total Transparency of Inventory, Margin, Sourcing, Dispatch, Operational Incidents and Site Maintenance.

Streamline Your Inventory Management

  • Gain a competitive advantage by better managing fuel price volatility and the timing of fuel purchases across all of your sites.
  • Avoid fuel run-outs and retains by streamlining your forecasting, sourcing, purchasing and dispatching processes.
  • Nurture an excellent customer experience by proactively tracking your wet and dry stock sales and sustaining a consistent inventory across your network.
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Changing Compliance from Burden to Benefit

“... fuel retailers can increase revenue, reduce the risk of fines and breaches, control maintenance costs, and more - all by optimizing compliance."

Greg Salverson, Vice President of Managed Services, Sales, Insite360


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Managing Your ATG Alarms and Avoid Environmental Compliance Fines

  • Minimize onsite repairs and maximize profits by quickly diagnosing, troubleshooting, and resolving 65% of your alarms which can save an average of $350/month by not dispatching a contractor.
  • Avoid thousands of dollars in unnecessary fines and stay in compliance by monitoring and addressing potential and existing violations 24/7.
  • Identifying sources of fuel variance can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating
  • Whether it’s meter drift, slow flow, short deliveries, theft, temperature, leaks or tank calibration issues, Insite360 analysts identify and react to the root cause of fuel loss in real time.

Optimize Your Profits

  • Realize up to 65% operational and 35% inventory cost savings with best buy sourcing
  • Detect and reduce fuel loss across your entire supply chain
  • Adjust and optimize fuel prices across your network with just a couple clicks.
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Improve Your Customer Loyalty

  • Build customer loyalty by immediately detecting and addressing equipment performance issues
  • Anticipate and troubleshoot with 24/7 predictive monitoring
  • Remotely fix up to 30% of your equipment issues
  • Improve first-time fix rate by correctly identifying issues prior to dispatch