Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience with Real Time Site Information

  • Enjoy higher revenues and deepened customer loyalty with total transparency of inventory, margin, flow rates, price changes, deliveries and alerts for all of your sites.
  • Build customer loyalty by detecting and fixing equipment issues immediately. Consistently offering the highest quality well maintained equipment promotes greater customer convenience and profitability.
  • Guarantee a value-added experience for your customer through real time visibility of your tanks, dispensers and sales system.
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Key Insite360 Modules:

Fuel Visibility Dashboard

An online management dashboard connecting fuel site and gas station managers with critical site operations data - ATG data, inventory and environmental compliance information.

Forecourt Dispenser Management

A cloud based tool to monitor your fuel site’s dispenser performance in real time. Remotely troubleshoot and resolve dispenser issues without the expense of a service call, outperform your competitors and create a great customer experience.

Inventory Management

Optimize your fuel inventory by preventing costly fuel run-outs and retains by monitoring fuel levels in real time. Fuel managers can quickly change fuel plans before it becomes too expensive

Instore Point of Sale System

Monitor, configure and control your c-store point of sale system. Change fuel prices at all or one of your sites with just a couple of clicks and identify and reduce fraud. Stay competitive and improve your customer service through increased efficiency. 

Alarm & Environmental Compliance Management

By combining industry leading technology with a team of seasoned professionals, Insite360’s alarm and environmental compliance management service provides proactive real time management insights into UST compliance, leak detection and maintenance to reduce financial, environmental and operational risk for suppliers, distributors and buyers internationally.