Solving Problems through Actionable Insights

Insite360 Visibility is an online Management Dashboard that connects station managers with their critical site operation data, including Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) alarms, inventory and compliance status. This solution provides easy, anywhere access to fuel station status and equipment problems to minimize revenue loss and maximize business up time.
  • Improve operational efficiency with process automation
  • Save $350 / per site in average annual personnel in paperwork cost.
  • Eliminate transcription error and late reporting
  • Reduce operations & maintenance cost
  • Real time monitoring reduces site or dispenser downtime
  • Real time tank management across sites
  • Identify performance trends with preventative maintenance reducing dispatch costs (e.g., $150 – 2 hr service call);
  • Minimize risk by eliminating potential noncompliance with early notification
  • 1 in 3 sites annually receive an NOV that typically costs $1,200 per incident

Gain Visibility Across Your Entire Network

  • Inventory monitoring displays current and historical ATG inventory collected using automated polling. On Demand Polling to see your volume right now.
  • Compliance reports provide the data you need to have confidence that your sites are all passing and send notifications to tell you when you are not.
  • Reconciliation reports capture your Basic Inventory Reconciliation (BIR) history and present it all in one place with network summaries.
  • Equipment Maintenance provides real time updates of current equipment status with email notifications for alarms most important to you
  • Flow Monitoring Real time updates of current equipment status with email notifications for alarms most important to you.
  • Insite360 Visibility software is securely hosted and managed by Veeder-Root and can be accessed 24/7/365 by any web-enabled device. Compatible tank gauges include; Veeder-Root TLS-450 PLUS, TLS-450, TLS-350 Series, TLS-300 Series, TLS 2 Series, and any other ATG that supports Veeder-Root Serial Interface Protocol.


Real-Time Data Access

  • Cloud-based software simplifies infrastructure management
  • Automatic polling up to 24 times a day to keep displayed data current
  • On Demand Polling for up to the minute site operations management
  • Real-time ATG alarm Notification by email to respond quickly

Flexible Reporting

  • Dashboard Views including Map, List, and Site views with customizable filters so you can quickly see the data vital to your business operation.
  • Exception-based, notification of critical operations personalized to your business requirements.
  • Network level reports consolidates the critical data of all your stations on a single Dashboard for at-a-glance update of the network status.
  • Custom Reports Portalto create customized reports, using Business Object SAP (BOBJ) query and analysis tools specific to your business needs.
  • Reports can be exported to Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel formats and sent automatically by email or integrated with existing spreadsheets.
  • Never lose a critical report with cloud based electronic archives available on demand.

Simplified Business Operations

  • No more manually dipping tanks and emailing or phoning in the volumes.
  • Easily Connect critical resources with critical data using the latest web based cloud technology.
  • No more software updates, you are always on the latest version.
  • Simple integration with Insite360 Inventory Forecasting to provide you access to the latest fuel level and delivery forecasting software available.

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