Logistics and Dispatch Solutions

Insite360 Logistics is the most comprehensive end-to-end fuel supply chain solution. It provides improved visibility, automation and pricing of fuel supply by reducing the cost of procuring, transporting, managing, selling, and accounting for bulk fuel. This software solution is comprised of three separate modules:
  • Inventory Planning: Provides fuel buyers forecasting and order management capabilities that enable more informed purchase decisions. Utilizing several data points and algorithms to determine when a load should be delivered, which products and how much fuel, it provides a forecasted delivery that will replenish the tank with the optimal fuel levels.
  • Sourcing: Provides complete analysis of daily pricing from all suppliers and terminals utilizing specific freight rates, spot pricing, contract pricing and multiple supplier/terminal combinations to recommend the best price for each gallon purchased.
  • Dispatch: Allows the user to schedule the deliveries in a manner that will prevent retains and run-outs, fulfill carrier obligations, and take advantage of market/arbitrage conditions to maximize fuel margins.


Inventory Planning

Key functions of the Inventory Planning module include:
    Remote Monitoring
    • Schedules polling events for fuel site tanks determining inventory levels and ullage
    • Reduces retains and run-outs by knowing site data
    Demand Forecasting
    • Utilizes historical demand patterns to determine optimal replenishment amounts and timing
    • Provides exception based processing of Usage and Inventory variances
    • Reduces below-ground working capital by receiving the right amount of fuel at the right time
    Order Management
    • Automates purchase order, dispatch, delivery, and sales order processes for bulk fuel
    • Enables the creation tracking, and management of fuel purchase orders, including those generated by Insite360 FMS , Inventory Management and other order management systems.
    • Automates bulk fuel sales order processes with phone and online ordering, accurate price quoting, credit workflow, margin visibility, and sales order approval processing.


The Sourcing module enables buyers to analyze all available options for a given fuel purchase, considering fully accounted cost, contract ratability, and other factors to display optimal sourcing options for given user‐defined prioritization rules.
  • Manages contracts and capitalizes on spot opportunities by evaluating total sourcing costs and contract allocations for each supply option
  • Sources motor fuels at the lowest cost while maintaining ratability on supply contracts
  • Increases margin by ensuring lowest cost of fuel (.5 to 5 cent savings per gallon depending on daily price fluctuation) eg: saving .5 cents per gallon on 50,000 gallons would save $2500 per day.


The Dispatch module allows users to evaluate, prioritize, and send delivery requests based on optimal real-time inventory, price and dispatch options
  • Provides the dispatcher with multiple dispatch views to take advantage of market/arbitrage opportunities.
  • 5% of deliveries moved up or delayed to take advantage of market changes can result in significant savings eg: 40,000 gallons moved per day @ $.0075 savings = $300 in savings per day.
  • Reduces costs by load shifting (moving the timing of a load) to capitalize on intraday price volatility.
  • Notifies and updates the carriers to ensure compliance with sourcing instructions.