Instore Management

Instore Management

Insite360 Instore provides an exciting, new cloud-based dashboard and portal that enables you to monitor, configure and control your Instore point of sale system, from anywhere, at any time. The application works with Instore v10 and higher, and is compatible with all standard PCs, tablets and phones.

  • Monitor - Access all store close reports remotely and upload reports, SpeedKeys, and sales information from all of your sites. Download directly at your central office and upload to the cloud.
  • Configure - Reduce costs by configuring groups of sites with common characteristics. Save time by implementing your configurations to all your sites, all at once.
  • Control - Adjust fuel prices immediately to respond to changing market conditions. Built with the functionality to change fuel prices, Speedkey layouts, and receipt text updates with only a few simple clicks.Constructed around the same security groups and role-based access principles implemented in Instore, making it easy to delegate access to specific system functions.

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Insite360 Instore Requirements:

  • Active Passport™ PSO contract
  • Passport v10.0L or higher
  • Site Internet connectivity
  • Depending on site configuration, you may also need:
    • Additional router for connectivity
    • Site visit from ASC to configure services

(Note: costs for these items are not included with the service)

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