Fuel Center


Reduce procurement costs and increase purchasing strength

Gain Greater Visibility & Improve Profitability

  • Reduce fuel costs by 4 to 6 cents per gallon,
  • Leverage Insite360's experience and fuel supplier network to save you money,
  • Increase security and optimize fuel inventory,
  • Centralize control and visibility across fuel management for all sites,
  • Reduce employee burden and improve fuel invoice reconciliation
  • Be better prepared for disasters and recovery - Get fuel first.
  • Manage fuel in the same manner as many of the world's most successful fleets and retailers.


Fuel Center® is a fuel management service for companies who wish to reduce fuel costs – typically 4 to 6 cents per gallon – and gain greater visibility in a volatile fuel market. Fuel Center optimizes and directs all fuel management activities-from supplier and distributor selection, demand forecasting, and procurement to dispatching, delivery, and invoice reconciliation. With its team of fuel experts and industry-leading fuel management software, Fuel Center enables a supplier-independent, fuel procurement and management strategy.

Fuel Logistics and Procurement Service



In today's volatile fuel market, the Insite360 Fuel Center team helps your organization take advantage of this volatility to reduce overall fuel procurement costs. Fuel Center applies industry best practices and fuel expertise to drive down fuel costs across a number of areas including supply sourcing, inventory levels, freight, invoice accuracy, taxes, administration, and more. Ultimately, customers gain greater control over their fuel operations and are able to focus more on their core business. Because Insite360 does not own trucks, fuel, or other assets, Fuel Center eliminates any conflicts of interest in the supply chain. Fuel Center acts as an extension of your team, managing your fuel using the same technology and best practices as the world's most successful fleets and retailers.


  • Unmatched Expertise - Leverages the team that manages millions of gallons of fuel for the world's most successful fleets and retailers
  • End-to-End Management - Provides fuel inventory, sourcing, dispatch, delivery, and financial reconciliation
  • Utilizes Best of Breed Technology - Leverages Insite360 Fuel Management System (FMS), which runs the largest fuel management network in the world
  • Strategic Recommendations - Provides expert guidance on supply portfolio (fuel and freight), contracting, and sourcing
  • Alignment of Interests - Avoids conflicts of interest via independence from any supplier or carrier
  • Industry Leading Best Practices - Uses procedures and processes that have been proven in deployments for the world's most efficient managers of fuel

Fuel Center provides a range of services to optimize the supply chain:

  • Strategic Procurement - Provides recommendations on supply and pricing strategy; prepares risk management profiles; and conducts supply and transport RFPs.
  • Fuel Management - Optimizes inventories, daily pricing decisions, and delivery schedules using best buy, forecasting, and tactical dispatching tools.
  • Financial and Delivery - Provides detailed reconciliation of fuel prices, taxes, volumes, and freight
  • Performance Benchmarking - Measures and evaluates the performance of your current fuel management operations against industry averages for your market. Also provides a comprehensive report including the potential ROI to be realized after engaging Fuel Center.

Fuel Center also provides a Benchmark service that shows you your cost savings opportunities.

Fuel Benchmark Service:

  • Evaluates both fuel and freight for given markets as measured against industry averages
  • Illustrates contractual findings and areas for improvement
  • Provides ongoing performance improvement targets
  • Delivers a comprehensive report including an ROI of what engaging with Fuel Center would yield