Forecourt Management

Forecourt Management
Information is power. Having 24/7 visibility of your site’s performance and tools to troubleshoot and resolve dispenser issues remotely could give you the edge you need to outperform your competitors. Insite360 has created a cloud-based solution that will reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increase your uptime and elevate the customer experience. Insite360’s cloud-based service, Insite360 Forecourt, allows subscribers to remotely connect to their dispensers and perform several straightforward and complex tasks.

Insite360 Forecourt provides you with the following features:

  • Remote Management – With Insite360 Forecourt, every c-store owner can resolve as high as 30% of the most common issues in minutes, remotely. That means you can get your forecourt running without the added maintenance costs of a site visit.
  • Performance Monitoring – Real-time visibility of your entire network enables you to take action before your customers discover a problem. By monitoring your forecourt equipment’s performance metrics, you can evaluate your site’s health and predict potential issues (e.g., like analyzing flow rates) that may arise.
  • Asset Management – One less task to do in the day is one less worry. That is why Insite360 has provided an automating feature for recording your secure asset information and change history. By alleviating the cumbersome responsibility of reporting for PCI requirements, you can run your c-store efficiently and can always remotely review this information at any time.
  • Security – In a time where criminal activity is still a threat to c-stores, safety is no joke. That is why with Insite360 Forecourt, Insite360 provides enhanced security measures so that when unauthorized entry is attempted, you will not only be alerted immediately but will also have the ability to automate a dispenser shutdown.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Features like software update, changing from serial to IP among others can significantly reduce the downtime and ASC cost on the day of EMV conversion. (
One out of every three gas pump issues can be resolved by rebooting the dispenser, which can be done remotely by Insite360. Gilbarco releases patches and bug fixes to Encore dispenser software 3-4 times a year. In many cases recurring problems can be resolved by remotely updating the dispenser software with latest release from Gilbarco.
Users can very accurately track flow rate down to transaction level. They can also get alerted if any of the components e.g. card reader or display or pump are not functioning as expected. You can also remotely detect if the receipt paper is low or printer is completely out of paper. Insite360 Forecourt allows users to monitor and get alerted to over 100 dispenser malfunction alerts.
Encore 500, Encore 700 and Encore 900 with either FlexPay II or FlexPay IV CRIND or Payment Terminals are supported. The dispensers have to be connected to the back room on a high speed connection, same connection that a site needs to run media at the pump or chip transaction at the gas pump.
A certified technician can upgrade and activate service in less than 30 mins per dispenser.
Insite360 Forecourt is an annual fee based service. An Insite360 rep or your local Gilbarco distributor can help you choose the right package that meets your needs and budget. On average our customers save 3 to 4 times the cost of service.
Gilbarco standard equipment warranty does not cover fuel theft, downtime or cost of poor customer experience. If keeping your pumps up and running is important to you and you value the kind of experience customers have when they pump gas at your c-store then Insite360 Forecourt offers tremendous value. You will be able to quickly detect an issue and start a warranty call. You will be able to detect a slow flow the first time it happens and order a filter replacement. You will also detect any attempts to break into your dispenser and tamper your card reader or pulsar or many other secure components.
Yes, Insite360 Forecourt is a PCI certified solution. Approval certificate is available upon request.
A managed router is highly recommended, particularly for sites that take chip transaction in the forecourt. Several MNSPs (Acumera, Cybera, Hughes and others) are fully supported.
Yes, unless gas pumps are connected to the backroom on a CAT5/6 cable.
Paper out, Paper low, Printer losing power among many printer error codes can be detected and interpreted remotely.
Out of service, lost power, incompatible, deactivated or tampered among other error codes can be detected and interpreted remotely.
Yes, you can monitor, very accurately, flow rate of every transaction and get alerted, via email, when dispenser gets slow.
No, Insite360 Forecourt has a very rich event management where users can subscribe themselves, or others, to events they are interested in e.g. one user may subscribe to instantaneous alert on tamper but subscribe their store clerk to get an email when printer is out of paper.
Features like software update, changing from serial to IP among others can significantly reduce the downtime and ASC cost on the day of EMV conversion (
Not at this time.
No. Only cloud board (SSOM) MAC addresses are available, which is also the only one connected to your network.
PCN, CRIND and LON can be downloaded remotely.
Alerting of malfunction of various components of dispensers along with error description is available.
It can inventory CRIND and PCN model/make and serial number but cannot pull dispenser serial number from the plate unless manually entered. Insite360 can also inventory serial number of all secure components i.e. card reader/pinpad/display as well as their model and make in addition to all software firmware versions.