Advanced Variance Analysis


Reduce Fuel Loss

Insite360 Advanced Variance Analysis is a managed service that monitors fuel sites to continuously reconcile inventory and deliveries, identify instances and sources of fuel variance, and provide actionable recommendations to reduce loss. Our solution provides advanced detection and analytics to pinpoint variance and physical loss that could be masked by data, reporting, and equipment errors. Insite360 Advanced Variance Analysis solutions reduce shrinkage and cost while maximizing fuel revenue.

With AVA, you’re never alone in diagnosing and solving problems on your sites. AVA will pinpoint:

  • Theft - Is someone stealing your fuel?
  • Delivery Discrepancy - Are you receiving all the fuel you are paying for?
  • Meter Drift - Are you giving your fuel away for free?
  • Blend Errors - Are blending errors resulting in inaccurate volumes?
  • Tank Calibration - How accurate are your readings?
  • Missing Sales - Has the dispenser been tampered with, compromising sales data?
  • Flow Monitoring - Is slow flow hurting customer experience and resulting in lost sales?
  • Water - Are customers receiving water in their fuel purchases?
  • Critical Alarm Response - Are alarms being responded to and triaged fast enough to avoid downtime?

Insite360 Advanced Variance Analysis provides value to your business by:

  • Identifying the physical loss of product and actions to prevent future incidents while seeking recourse on any identified losses
  • Reconciling 100% of deliveries and identifying instances of significant delivery shortages
  • Reducing the risk of fines and NOVs by taking action on leak and compliance risk sites before environmental and regulatory impact
  • Continously monitoring your sites and reconciling inventory so that your sites never go unattended

When you choose Insite360 Advanced Variance Analysis, your business will benefit from:

  • A combination of best-in-class hardware, software, and services
  • 24/7 monitoring and agent support
  • Support across your entire fueling network
  • A global solution with analysts in multiple countries
  • Over 20 years of experience analyzing wet stock management

Insite360 Advanced Variance Analysis enables exception-based management through our dashboards, alarm notifications, and analyst interactions:

  • The Insite360 dashboard is continuously updated with reconciliation and variance findings, as well as key exception rules and issues. Through regular updates with AVA analysts, customers can review their Value Summary, which includes reports such as:
  • Master Variance Summary
  • Site Reconciliation Report
  • Delivery Variance Report
  • Issue Detail Summary
  • Master KPI Report

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