Profitability for bulk fuel distributors is dependent on efficient and accurate management of the processes involved in fuel sales. But managing these processes is highly manual, time-consuming, and error-prone for many distributors. Errors in price quoting lead to substantially decreased margin and lost business. Inability to take decisive action on buyer credit information can result in unnecessary and costly risk. Any difficulties experienced in ordering product from you is likely to result in lost sales. And lack of visibility into margins associated with sales orders can lead to reduced profitability or even selling below cost. Jobbers and carriers strive to provide superior service to their retail customers and minimize costs for improved margin. Manual processes can increase costs unnecessarily and impact supplier and retailer relationships. Additionally, the distributor market is highly competitive, which drives companies to look for service and pricing advantages. Jobbers that have vertically integrated owning their own retail locations or that offer a vendor-managed inventory service face a unique set of challenges in terms of operational complexity. With additional complexity comes the opportunity for additional costs if not managed correctly.

How Does Insite360 Help?

Within the fuel supply chain, there are opportunities to optimize purchasing and sales processes, improve service levels, and lower supply and operations costs. Insite360 enables distributors to do so via its Fuel Management System software. Insite360 distributor customers include Apex Oil, Global Companies, Petroleum Traders Corporation, Sun Coast Resources, and many more. With Insite360, distributors gain: Greater efficiencies in their dispatch, sourcing, quoting, sales, and freight operations Faster payments and reduced risk of non-payment by buyers and over-payment to suppliers Improved margins via increased visibility PCATS-compliance on delivery report and carrier load tender interfaces. With Insite360, distributors can also offer their customers greater visibility into service levels. This differentiates the distributor offering from others in the market and creates a more transparent vendor-managed inventor service opportunity.

Insite360 Solutions: