Private and public fleets, rail, bus lines, airlines, marine, and more require a consistent and affordable supply of fuel. With high volatility in fuel markets and fuel costs representing the second largest expense behind headcount, fuel buyers face great pressure to maintain predictability in their fuel spend and implement cost-saving measures. They also must ensure security of supply as fuel is the lifeblood of every one of these industries. For many, lowering fuel costs can mean adopting a more centralized approach to fuel purchasing and management, moving further towards the rack (or even above it), or implementing sophisticated fuel buying programs. Each of these requires best practice expertise and technology not typically found in an organization.

How Does Insite360 Help?

Insite360 streamlines the end-to-end fuel management process from demand forecasting to order management to invoice reconciliation. Insite360 replaces manual processes and heuristics with automation lowering fuel costs while maintaining security of supply. Organizations also gain access to a network of suppliers and distributors giving fuel buyers options on where and when they can most advantageously source fuel (e.g., buying contract versus spot). Insite360 transportation customers include such companies as BNSF Railway, Canal Barge Company, Delta Air Lines, FirstGroup, Union Pacific Railroad, and United Airlines. Utilizing different Insite360 products, customers gain:
  • Reduced runouts, retains, and over- and under-payments
  • Lower working capital requirements and fuel costs
  • Streamlined procurement, delivery, and theft detection
  • Increased visibility into and control over inventory
  • Greater accuracy and reliability in regulatory compliance.
Integrating into all major back-office systems, Insite360 offers Fuel Management System (FMS) to organizations who want to manage their fuel operations in house using our software and Fuel Center® for ones who want to outsource their entire fuel operations including technology and people. For transportation companies looking for cost-effective, easy to deploy fuel management solutions, Insite360 offers its ForeSite family of products. All three have industry best practices built into the products and are supported by fuel experts who understand today's energy markets.

Insite360 Solutions: