Commercial Fleets


Fuel cost volatility is an anathema for private and government fleets striving to meet financial and operational goals. With fuel typically the second highest expense item after headcount, fleet operators face many challenges regaining predictability in their fuel spend. These challenges include:
  • Ensuring security of supply so that fuel is available when and where it is needed
  • Remaining competitive or meeting service obligations
  • Streamlining operations in the face of decentralized fuel purchasing and management
  • Non-optimized supply portfolios.
These are daunting challenges in a volatile and unpredictable fuel market - made worse when prices are also rising. Fleet operators do have multiple options in terms of affecting consumption to reduce their spend, but few when it comes to diminishing the impact of volatility and gaining significant fuel cost savings.

How Does Insite360 Help?

Insite360 provides software and services that drive down costs and minimize the impact of price volatility by enabling centralized fuel management; more advantaged, strategic supply relationships; and critical process automation. With Insite360, fleet operators attain greater operational and budgetary predictability as well as ensure their fleets stay on the road. Insight360's experience, best practices, and technology assist fleet operators such as Carmeuse, C.R. England, FedEx Ground, FirstGroup, Swift Transportation, UPS, and YRC Worldwide to optimize the procurement and management of fuel. With Insite360 Fuel Management, fleets gain:
  • Reduced run-outs, retains, and invoice under- & over-payments
  • Centralized, transparent, and lowest-cost fuel procurement
  • Optimized fuel inventories, security of supply, and lower working capital requirements
  • Streamlined delivery and theft detection
  • Access to industry best practices across all fuel management areas

Insite360 Solutions: