Total Transparency

Insite360 is the industry's first and best global connectivity platform that provides a single view to all the devices across your network. Connect unlocks the data hidden within the disparate systems at your fueling sites to help operators make better decisions saving time and resources. Built on top of industry-leading cloud technology, Connect unites the entire fueling ecosystem regardless of manufacturer to enable the real-time connectivity you need to stay ahead of the competition. 




Insite360 Dashboard is the single pane of glass view to your entire network of sites. Stay on top of your operations with one portal to monitor, update and report on your ATGs, forecourts, and POS systems. 



Stream from Insite360 offers streaming API connectivity to your devices and services. 



Edge360 unites the entire fueling ecosystem from ATGs to dispensers and everything in between. Whether you choose to run your network over LAN, Wi-Fi or cellular (3G/4G), Edge360 enables the connectivity you need to deliver the visibility you want.