June 2022


Should I be Hedging?

Hedging in the Form of Fixed Price Contracts Fuel Hedging can make sense for fleet-based companies looking to reduce fuel price volatility and achieve some expense stability.  The most basic form of fuel hedging, and the type that makes the most sense for fleets, is


Do You Have A Handle On All Forms Of Fuel Variance?

Do you Have a Handle on all Forms of Fuel Variance? Are you Aware of all Types of Fuel Variance? There are many points from rack to nozzle where fuel variance can occur and It is a significant challenge for retailers to manage and prevent variance along th

COVID-19 Update

Insite360 Update: COVID-19

“Thanks to everyone around the world keeping fuel flowing and convenience stores open. We continue monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and have taken important steps to continue to support the industry. Learn about our business continuity here.”

Keeping Your Store Infrastructure Safe

Your convenience store has likely become increasingly connected over the past five years as more of the devices on site require or desire internet connectivity. Did you know that 71% of cyber-attacks happen to small businesses with under 100 employees?

2018 Top 10 Fuel ATG Monitoring Alarms

2018 Top 10 Convenience Store Fuel Tank Alarms

Underground fuel storage (UST) monitoring is a critical part of fueling operations for both commercial fueling and retail fuel operations. The creation and monitoring of tank and fuel sump alarms is critical to ensuring environmental safety and EPA regulation compliance. As a leader in both tank gauge technology and alarm monitoring, InSite360 leverages both Veeder-Root ATG and FuelQuest experience to ensure fuel storage tank alarms are quickly resolved. The monitoring of gasoline, diesel and kerosene fuels helps fuel wholesalers and retailers improve their business.

fuel loss waste

The 5 most common sources of fuel loss

There are five primary sources of real fuel loss, and without the right measures in place to identify and prevent them, your business could be losing money without even knowing it. For starters, what are the five biggest sources of real, physical fuel loss?