Insite360 Introduces DASH at NACS 2018

Insite360 Introduces DASH at NACS 2018

September 25, 2018 Houston, TX – Insite360, the leading provider of fueling logistics and site management equipment software, announces the launch of Insite360 DASH.  This innovative solutions provides at a glance operations performance information for fuel wholesalers and retailers. Providing 24/7 monitoring, insights and alarms, the cloud-based SaaS solution allows monitoring and remote management of operations and alarms from anywhere.


Designed for operators and networks of any size, Insite360 DASH delivers a comprehensive solution bringing fuel logistics and site operations together in a single, integrated platform.


“We are excited to enhance the performance of our Insite360 dashboard,” said Andrea Mulhall, Vice President & General Manager, Insite360.  “This dashboard reinforces our commitment to delivering actionable insights where they’re needed, when they’re needed by adapting to the specific jobs of the person using it, and by providing enhanced analytics tools. Whether you’re the president, fuel buyer or site operations manager, you can customize your personal dashboard to see only the information that helps you do your job more effectively.”


Users are put in the driver’s seat with powerful features to:

  • Diagnose tank and dispenser alarms remotely and dispatch ASC’s when necessary
  • Configure automatic tank gauges for multiple sites from anywhere.
  • Change fuel prices across all sites with a couple clicks
  • Reset dispensers at a moment’s notice
  • View all site reports under with one login


DASH will also allow users to escalate issues 24/7, well increasing uptime and profitability. Insite360’s combination of best-in-class software and services combined with more than 20 years of experience in fuel management makes this a valuable business solution for network managers to optimize ROI.


Insite360 is a leading supplier of fuel management solutions in the retail and wholesale fueling industry. Our products enable global, national and regional retail and commercial fueling operations, fuel wholesalers and supply chain members to accurately monitor fuel inventory, optimize fuel logistics and pricing, manage environmental compliance and optimize equipment performance.  Our portfolio of cloud-based solutions includes: DASH, AVA (Advanced Fuel Variance Analysis), and Fuel Center.


For further information or to schedule an interview, please contact:  
713-222-5700 x 5355