Insite360 Instore Provides Remote Software Update Capabilities to Gilbarco’s Passport Point of Sale


Insite360 Instore Provides Remote Software Update Capabilities to Gilbarco’s Passport Point of Sale

Users of Gilbarco’s Passport v12.02 or higher can now utilize Passport Remote Software Update functionality via a subscription to the Insite360 Instore software product. Insite360 Instore enables c-store retailers anytime, anywhere access to monitor and configure their Passport and Passport EDGE Point of Sale (POS) products. Additional functionality available to help C-store owners optimize their profits and operating costs includes enterprise wide remote fuel price change deployment, event and task scheduling for convenience store staff, and the ability to remotely update receipt messaging Insite360 Instore Essentials and Advanced products are available today to convenience store owners that have a Passport V10L+ or higher software version installed and includes the following product tiers and features available as software as a service (SaaS):

Insite360 Instore Tiers of Service

The Remote Software Updates feature via Insite360 Instore is available as part of the Advanced tier of service and provides retailers the ability to:

  • Know exactly what version, service pack, maintenance pack, and quick fix is installed at every Gilbarco Passport or Passport EDGE convenience store
  • Access software release notes for all new software versions online to know exactly what to expect in each update
  • Remotely deploy new Passport POS maintenance packs, service packs, and full version updates anytime, anywhere without the need for a costly truck roll
  • Retrieve Passport health check reports uploaded to Insite360 daily to stay ahead of any potential issues impacting customer satisfaction or store operations.

Additionally, with the Advanced tier of service convenience store operators can unlock the ability to:

  • Optimize retail fuel marginsby instantly changing fuel prices at all or one of their C-stores, gaining immediate confirmation that the price changes were applied at each retail location.
  • Protect convenience store profits by detecting fraud by cashiers and third parties, through customizable manager notifications, online store close reports, online transaction and receipt history, and access to the electronic journal (history of POS and fuel dispenser key presses)
  • Preserve the valuable customer experienceby detecting low fuel flow conditions at the gas pump and taking action before fuel customers notice a low fuel flow condition.

In order to sign up for Insite360 Instore service please fill out the online service agreement by visiting

Effective October 25, 2019, Passport V12.02 is available for the following networks:

  • ExxonMobil
  • Heartland Payment Systems (HPS) Chicago
  • Worldpay
  • First Data Generics (including Sinclair, Gulf, Clark)

Available soon 

  • Chevron
  • Valero