Insite360 Expands HALO Fuel Logistics Automation Solution


Insite360 Expands HALO Fuel Logistics Automation Solution

HALO fully automates fuel purchasing, dispatching, delivery, and invoicing

HALO, Insite360’s cloud-based fuel logistics solution, announces enhanced functionality
to improve fuel best buy, delivery and invoicing. Insite360, a Veeder-Root company, will
be demonstrating the enhanced functionality at the 2019 NACS conference in Atlanta.
Enhancements to HALO include improved invoice reconciliation, geofencing capabilities
and support for both iOS and Android devices.

Angela Wisdom, Senior Director of Sales, Insite360 explains why many fuel transport
companies and C-Store retailers are adopting HALO’s cloud based technology. “HALO
is a comprehensive logistics solution that greatly improves fuel buying, dispatching and
invoicing. With the most recent enhancements, fuel deliveries can be invoiced within
minutes of delivery, significantly shortening the billing cycle for fuel wholesalers and
reducing their working capital requirements.”

Insite360 is the analytics and business intelligence unit of Veeder-Root, part of the
world’s leading fueling equipment and solutions provider. With over 20 years of fuel and
environmental decision support experience, we help optimize commercial and retail
supply chain operations with purchasing, logistics and environmental compliance. Our
portfolio of market leading products includes: Insite360 Forecourt, Insite360 Instore,
HALO fuel logistics, Inform, Advanced Variance Analysis and Fuel Center. Our products
improve profitability and abate risk for customers by delivering solutions to manage
onsite operations, compliance reporting, fuel procurement, inventory reconciliation, and
accounting processes. Insite360 products and services are responsible for transacting
over 22 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel annually.

Visit NACS Booth 4245 to see HALO in action.