Insite360 HALO is a SaaS fuel supply chain management and logistics automation solution for fuel retailers, carriers, distributors, marketers, wholesalers, and jobbers. Integrated with Insite360 Delivery, our fleet communications and tracking software module, HALO enables a real time paperless workflow from inventory monitoring and planning through delivery, invoice generation and reconciliation.
Insite360 participates in most of the industry major trade shows and events, including NACS, SIGMA and WPMA. We also exhibit at most PMMA member state and regional trade shows and events. Click here to arrange a demonstration of HALO fuel logistics solution.
For organizations already using gas station monitoring or fuel inventory management and dispatching software to perform similar functions, full or partial replacement of two to three products is common. Organizations using the full breadth of HALO's capabilities to maximize efficiency in their fuel supply chain may achieve even greater consolidation. For example, a company using separate inventory, fuel purchasing, dispatching/logistics, driver management, fleet tracking, and invoicing software has the opportunity to replace all six with HALO! The benefits of a single, modular solution extend beyond potential software licensing savings to drastic improvements in operational efficiency, work quality, and data security.
HALO implementation typically range from 30 to 90 days making HALO fuel supply chain management a great choice for organizations that value efficient onboarding and training with a combination of personalized service and web-based configuration tools. Several factors impacting the implementation timeframe include the specific modules being implemented, connectivity required for accessing equipment such as automatic tank gauges, integrations with other software and services, and availability of customer staff to support the implementation process. The HALO sales process will include an assessment of implementation work required and details on scheduling.
Yes. HALO can integrate seamlessly with some back office systems including PDI and Microsoft Dynamics. HALO fuel supply chain management and delivery can also support less common custom systems via standard file exports or custom development.
Automated polling frequency is configurable with most fuel management customers electing to poll their fuel site network every 30-60 minutes. In addition, HALO provides users a "Poll Now" feature to refresh data on-demand and the ability to send commands to the gauge and view output in real-time.
With Insite360 HALO Delivery, a transaction can be invoiced immediately after the fuel drop is complete at a convenience store or commercial fueling site. Electronic capture of the BOL and automatic demurrage calculations provide the needed information to enable immediate invoicing, greatly improving time to cash for fuel wholesalers and jobbers.
Yes, there are multiple ways that HALO improves productivity and accountability of fuel distribution common carriers and haulers. One of the most significant is the ability of Insite360 HALO Delivery to automatically take pre and post fuel delivery tank gauge readings when a truck crosses site geofences, eliminating the need for a truck driver to go into a convenience store or fuel depot to manually record tank readings. The ability of HALO to poll now and capture ATG information prior to loading fuel ensures fuel loads are sized correctly and reflect available tank capacity, avoiding the need for rerouting or multiple drops.
Yes. HALO stores driver terminal cards. There is a searchable grid that show all terminal cards and the cards are also listed on the driver's page. HALO can be setup to validate if a driver has a terminal card when a dispatcher tries to assign a load to a driver.
The functionality of HALO is compatible with all major ELD (electronic logging device) systems, including TeleTrac Navman, PeopleNet, GeoTab, and KeepTruckin. The ability to reduce truck driver distraction through voice to text messaging and device simplification is important in both increasing driver safety and driver efficiency.
HALO is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS. We recommend the iPad Mini 4 or 5 for iOS and the Galaxy Tab 8 for Android.
he Delivery driver application uses temporary local storage on the device and transmits the data when connectivity is restored. This ensures that the driver can proceed with the delivery and no data is lost in the process.
HALO is a SaaS solution hosted on Amazon's Cloud (AWS) and is not currently available for customer hosting. Our SaaS model provides economic benefits for customers by alleviating the need for expensive on-site hardware and supporting software and maximizes scalability, performance, uptime, and speed of updates.
No, each customer's data is isolated and not available to other customers by default. Some data may be shared based on a user's actions, such as sending a fuel order to another HALO customer for fulfillment. In addition, HALO provides certain non-sensitive data for the benefit of all customers such as the location of fuel terminals in the US and product documentation. Like most SaaS products, HALO employs a multi-tenant architecture and uses the same cloud infrastructure to service multiple customers.
HALO uses role-based access control enabling you to limit each user's access to the specific sets of data and features required for their function. For example, you can use HALO's access control to allow a dispatcher to assign loads but not purchase fuel or manage invoices.
HALO is not currently available outside the US, but expansion to other regions is possible in the future.